killm e i want to start all over again and grow up with people i can relate to and share everything with and not end up suppressing everything i had found and liked by myself that i should have been grateful for to try to bury it in mainstream western bc i had no friends

i wanna go to the cliffs again

i wish i could start over even if im happy with my works now thats because i didnt have anything else in my life ^q^^^^^^^kill me

i was brought up in a wrong and completely hopeless time tbh and i hate myself forever because of it

petition to rename the earth ‘punishment orb’

im home i walked to the other side of the cliffs and on one of them someone wrote dont jump and it got so dark and my house is so quiet and theres nothing here and i still want to die

hey can you tag nsfw? thanks

i dont want 100000 bots following me but i should probably make a tag for it anyway sorry ^q^ i will

im glad i didnt throw glaceon off