i had a dream i went to campus and i shared a bed with a furry in the room in the first picture, that was what it looked like from my bed

i didnt get to see his face or anything but his presence was there..somewhere and his fursona was bright coloured

the rest of the campus was just like the bottom drawing and birds attacked me and just things happened if i walked in a narrow area there werent any walls except for a few but it was just black void O_O

what's that plaid trapezoid in the bottom left of your selfie... also have you posted scans of the paintings behind you because they look really good

thats a really old pencil case and

i havent worked on it that much because i was playing atelier escha and logy and i had to clean my studio i should start again aaa

I love your art a lot, and I wish you lots of happiness.

aaaa thank you ;w; im sorry that i havent been drawing that much lately

wtf the reaper in smash run is so cute

i forgot to draw bc smash bros im sorry